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Before we get into some amazing things for the new year (2018) I'd like to go back to the year where it all started in 2016 - the first year of our festival.  2016 was a good year for us as it was the first time stepping from behind the shadow of our previous festival Gwinnett Center International Film Festival (2013-2015), which focused on mainstream and non-genre films, and into the wide world of genre independent film making!

I decided that if I wanted to continue being a part of the film festival culture that I needed to take a step back and re-evaluate what I wanted to do as a film festival entity.  I knew I wanted to have a more focused group of films that appealed to a specific audience hence our focus on animation, fantasy, horror, and science fiction

Although small, our first year had a huge variety of films for our audience such as the Halloween and monster filled feature All Hallow's Evil: Lord of the Harvest (Director's Cut), which opened
the festival a…

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