Monday, February 14, 2022

SW DocuFest 2022 - Official Selections Revealed!

 Below is the list of "Official Selections" for the 2022 SW DocuFest this March 12-13th!  It will be a partial Online Festival Event (where audiences will be able to view all the films in their leisure) and we will have a Special "Best of the Festival" Screening on Saturday Night (March 12th with details forthcoming).  There will be an amazing selection of both short and feature films from indie film-makers all over the world.  We will also be spotlighting the films and achievements of non-fiction film-maker Nick Broomfield with a selection of his films that are available to view on You Tube.

We are really looking forward to this year's event and hope you'll join us!  For more info visit us at and Tickets can be purchased here -

SWFF 2022 "Best of the Festival" Screening!

On July 30th at 8:00 PM Something Wicked Film Festival with unveil their pick for the "Best of the Festival" films (not chosen by ...