Saturday, August 25, 2018

Special Thanks to Our Amazing Staff!

The Something Wicked Film Festival is a year in the making with a lot of hard working people dedicating their time and volunteering for the three days of the event.  As such, I know that a lot of the time these people go unrecognized, but they are the true backbone and grease that keeps the wheels of the festival spinning from year to year and therefore I’d like to take just a few moments to name some of the key players in the SWFF family.

Howard Carter
First off is my Co-Festival Director Howard Carter.  In addition to assisting me with the organization of the event Carter is the one responsible for the Opening Night Filmmaker reception.  I’m always so busy just getting the regular business stuff done and Carter is there to make sure all our Sponsors and Film-makers have a good time at the Opening Night Reception.    He also happens to make sure I keep my sanity throughout the year.

Travis Joseph
Next is our Festival Technical Supervisor Travis Joseph.  Even though he’s stepped down this year from being the main person responsible for all technical aspects of the festival, he remained on board to help us out on the Awards Ceremony and other things since he wasn’t available during the actual event this year.  He’s also been instrumental in helping us through the years with filming and editing many of the festival’s video content.

Ted Rubin
Ted Rubin is also a key member of our family.  For the last three years he has dedicated himself as the Website Designer for the film festival.  He’s been with us since the very beginning and has put his artistic talents on the pages of the website, so, we hope you enjoy.

Jim Adams

Jim Adams has been “unofficially” with us all three years and it wasn’t until this year that we gave him the title of Festival Panel Moderator.  The Panel Discussion are such a huge part of the SWFF experience that we’re ecstatic that Adams has joined us.

Byron C. Erwin
Byron C. Erwin (Graphic Designer) has also been a huge contributor to our SWFF as he has designed all three years of our amazing festival posters!  Each year he amazes all of us with his new designs that we use the entire year to advertise and promote our event.

Laura Blatterman
Last year we also added two more members to our team Tycoa Noble and Laura Blatterman, as our Festival Event Manager/Vendor Sales and Outreach Manager, respectfully.  We are glad to have them aboard as they will continue to help us grow year-by-year.

Whitney Black
I want to take a few moments to thank some of the people that are not part of our Main Team but are still just as important.  Our Red Carpet Host this year was Barbara Romero who was also one of our two Awards Ceremony Hosts this year; Whitney Black returned this year as our second Awards Ceremony Host (last year was her first year with us).  These actresses did an amazing job this year and we hope they’ll be back with us again.

Another major contribution to this year’s event is all the amazing people that made up this year’s Jury Members!  This included the film-makers Anne McCarthy, Dave R. Watkins, Phillip Wray, David Young, Nate Hill, Chris Simoes, Heather Place, Gina Partee, Joshua Haire, Evan Avers, and Sam Wilson.  This year’s Jury viewed an amazing number of submissions and were responsible for this year’s Award Recipients!  Without their help I would have had a lot of films to view on my own.

There are other volunteer and support staff that help us out each year and continue to make each year of SWFF better than the one before.  Without the help of everyone, SWFF would not be possible and I’m proud to include them as part of our growing family.  We hope that everyone enjoyed this year’s event and look forward to bringing you even more for 2019!

For more info about SWFF visit us at and on Facebook at and on Instagram @somethingwickedff or Twitter @SWFilmFestival1

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