Wednesday, August 7, 2019


Here at Something Wicked Film Festival we have three different types of awards to represent different ideas of what an “award winning film” can be.  Our film festival represents the very best in student, amateur, semi-professional, and professional film-makers.  It is our idea that a film festival should represent the growing talents and achievements of film-makers from all disciplines especially the student and amateur as they are the ones with the least amount of representation at film festivals.  We also believe that the film festival is a place where these young film-makers can see their work represented in front of an audience and they can get feedback on their material.  Without the added benefit of feedback and networking (in any art form and not just film) we can’t grow and evolve as artists.

So, with our film festival we have our Main Awards which are chosen by our Festival Judge, Philip Wray, and his Jury Members (made up of over ten people in the industry) who decide on the winners.  Awards in this category include – Best Experimental Short Film, Best Horror Short Film, Best Direction of a Feature Film, Best Feature Film, Best Female Actor in a Short Film, etc. among many others.  These are presented to the film-makers on Sunday during the Awards Ceremony.

For our Festival Director Awards, my staff and I choose the winners of some of the more “fun” categories such as Goriest Film, Scariest Film, Scream Queen of the Year, and Bad Ass of the Year, among many others.  These are presented on Friday, August 2nd throughout the day and given mention during my Opening Night speech.  These are especially interesting because they acknowledge both shorts and features and allows some films to be signaled out for a specifically great technical achievement of some type.

Out last type of award is the Audience Choice Award which is revealed one week after the film festival after all ballots have been collected and tallied.  These winners are chosen by You, the Audience, so anyone can when these which makes them especially interesting for film-makers.

Below is our list of 2019 Main Award and Festival Award Winners (Audience Choice will be revealed later)!  We congratulate all film-makers for a job well done and we hope you all continue to grow as film-makers and that your films have a successful festival run and we look forward to seeing what you come up with next!


  1. We were thrilled to win Best Feature Film in the main category and Best Make-up effects in the Director Award Winners category for Cuentos de la Bruja (Witch Tales).
    Many thanks to Kevin L Powers and the team of SWFF 2019!

    Yours truly,

    Mike Lyddon
    Director/writer/co-producer of Cuentos de la Bruja

  2. Virtually is honored for the nominations and the win for Katie Savoy. Thank you so much!

    Patrick Hogan
    writer/director VIRTUALLY


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