Sunday, September 27, 2020

Something Wicked Brings Something NEW!

In 2021 Something Wicked Film Festival & Events will be bringing out a plethora of new and exciting things first of which is our first of two companion film festivals – Something Wicked DocuFest!  This February 6-7 we will be having a two-day event supporting everything in the non-fiction filmmakers.  We have always wanted to support our non-fiction filmmakers and now we will be able to.  This film festival will showcase political, social, environmental, character, and personal short and feature films.  If you love non-fiction films like we do then this is the film festival for you done in Something Wicked style!  For more info on this event and to submit your films visit us on Film Freeway -


Next up is our all-new Something Wicked FanFest coming next December 11-12, 2021!  This two-day event focuses on fan-films, westerns, musicals, and post-apocalyptic films!  We already screen some of these at our Main Event but here we get the chance to focus on the fan-films and other sub genres that usually go overlooked.  This is an event we have been planning for several years now and we are proud to finally be able to bring this event to audiences as only Something Wicked can!  We don’t start taking submissions until the end of 2020 but that just means you have plenty of time to dust off those old fan-films or to finally make the fan-film you’ve always wanted to as there are no age limitations on submissions.  For more info on this event visit our Film Freeway page here -


Last up is our regular Main Event – Something Wicked Film Festival 2021 which will be August 13-15, 2021 which means we will be celebrating Friday the 13th in style to continue bringing you the best in animation, fantasy, sci-fi, experimental, fan-film, horror, and fantasy films traveling the festival circuit!  We will have all the things you’ve come to love from Something Wicked Events with a few added bonuses as well!  Submissions open in November like usual and you can discover more about the event at Film Freeway -


These are the three festival events we have lined up for 2021 to help us celebrate everything indie film and indie filmmakers!  We hope you’ll continue to follow up and don’t forget that we have lots of other amazing things in store coming from Something Wicked Events so make sure to continue checking out our Website – and all our social media pages!  We will continue to update the blog as things happen!


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